Friday, October 31, 2008

Prestigious visitor to my Blog - Welcome Google!!!

I am into the field of Analytics, I always check who are all coming & reading my blog. Few days back, i had a surprise & interesting visitor... The Visitor is from Google!!!. Oh... It is not a Google spider (Googlebot), human being from Google to read my article on Google Mobile. MM...... Here is the screen shot of Visitor details....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Google Analytics - Enterprise Ready

This is a very nice & useful update from Google Analytics from Business perspective. Mostly, web Analytical Tool data's are analyzed from "Metrics" Perspective. Now, Google Analytics is Helping users to analyze the data from "Business Perspective.

New Update Advantage

The Google Analytics new features like Advanced Segmentation & Custom Report
help the users to see not just numbers, but equip them to come up with actionable insight.


Google Analytics data's are not real time (24 hour time lag exists in Google analytics report). But in Yahoo Analytics (Indextools) data's are real time. Hope Google Analytics Team (Avanish) will overcome this issue in the next update.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yahoo APT, Online Advertising Products in one Platform

Yahoo has grouped every online product into one new advertising platform showcase called "Yahoo APT". So, it is easy for advertisers, publisher networks & Agencies to easily manage there accounts. This interface will help to buy & sell online Yahoo Online Products & services easily & effectively.

It is nice to see, Yahoo is gradually re-structuring there online Media Platform to make them more customer friendly. This is a better move from Yahoo, hope MSN will fellow...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Mobile Platfrom from Google - Google Android phone to cost $199

Google Android Phone for $199 USD. I read this news in read in reuters. It is interesting to see, Google peering into the mobile operation system. Whatever GooG does, there will be a 100% no no 200% "Market Motive" behind that.

So, How Google is planning to take advantage of this?

Advantage Google

* Google serve there ads in the Mobile more effectively
* Strengthening the tracking mechanism to understand the user behavior
* Helps to come-up with more effective/stable Desktop Operation system in a year or so (guessing)

Advantage Consumer - Consumer will get internet enable mobile handset at affordable cheaper rate ($199)

Cons - Androids Compatability with other platform

Like to know your views ...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome - New Browser from Google

It is interesting to see, Google is ready to launch there web browser Google Chrome tomorrow. It is a really a interesting move. Because, I taught, that Google may acquire Mozilla Firefox browser (like feedbruner). But Google is built a new browser from the scratch.

This rise one big question. Instead of acquiring Firefox (they normally does), why they are building browser from the scratch.

The reason is this. They will convert the browser into ad-unit.

Three Big Google Strategy Points

* They will show adwords ad in Google Chrome Browser
* To promote the browser by ing some amount of there ad revenue for those who download and install the browser and viewing the google ad in the browser
* They may release there operating system (OS) in a year or so.
* To capture whole of internet/web segment

Yup! quite interesting.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Ad Planner - An Edge for Google Adwords

Few weeks back, google come-up with a tool called Google Ad Planner. I gone through the tool, it helps to target the audience based on demography. Based on Location, age, income, Category, one can find the target website and audience. I see this tool as an excellent ad-in told for adwords. Because, this tool helps to find the relevant publishing network/ad network based on the demography. Secondly one can export the relevant publishing network and import it into adwords. The format is compatabile with adwords. The tool is very much user-friendly. any one who understand the business can easily target the relevant website. Google is for ahead with Yahoo & MSN Search Marketing With variety to Google tool & features (to do research on publishers & to know the website information) Google is forahead compared to yahoo or MSN. Hope, Yahoo & MSN will come-up with this kind of tool in future. Yup, Google Ad Planner, giving some threat to!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google New site "Lively"

Google launched a new site called "Lively" which is a social media site with interactive touch (means 3D Animation). The website URL "lively" send some message to his competitor Live (MSN)

Why Google launched a Chat Social Media Website?

Google Gyan
  • It is because to make Gmail more interactive
  • In future, Google will integrate "Lively" with Gmail or Gtalk to give more interactivity & engagement
  • Social media works Good for Google. Hum... they have universal database to connect people

Social Media Everywhere. Is it a effective buzz channel?

Social Media website mushrooming everywhere. Because of few successful social media like Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Social media is catching-up like a wild fire. Lot of start-up companies are cropping daily with different themes & to target specific group.

Is there is any scope for effective buzz from Social Media..

Converting a Social Media for campaign/buzz, there is a small dividing line. There are two factors that is very essential for social media.
  • the relevancy - How far your buzz is relevant to social media
  • Messaging - Messaging should not be like a ad/ it should be information.
Finally, Social Media is not a push marketing, it is a pull marketing.

Like to here more views from the audience

Monday, June 30, 2008

Google support Link Building Acitivty in Adwords

Normally, Google wn't entertain Paid Link Building activity. But they entertain the Paid Link building services in Adwords, by giving approval to publish "Paid Link Building Service" Ads in Adwords.

Google Gyan

Paid Link Building is good for Adwords but not for organic search. Yup...........

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Google Analytics - Data Security

I come to know through web analytics blog that, there is an option in Google Analytics, that will help the website owners not to share there analytical data with "Google". The website owner can make the data as ananymous or stop sharing data with Google, so that Google could not able to capture the company information.

Google Gyan

* It is a best way to promote Google Analytics

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mobile Marketing - In need of standards?

Mobile users ar exponentially increasing year by year. Most marketings trying to leverage mobile marketing technique for campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Advantage
  • Localization & customization playing a vital role in mobile marketing
  • It is very easy to target the audience.
  • There is more chances of open rate as compare to other medium

Then, What is holding behind mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing drawbacks
  • The biggest drawback in mobile marketing is no standards are framed or followed.
  • There is more chances of mobile users was bombarded with Spam/Junk Ad mails.
  • Mobile handsets with different display shapes & size leads to message/MMS compatibility problem

Mobile Marketing - Still in nascent Stage

Even though the big giants like Google, Yahoo & MSN, started to leverage with mobile marketing but most of the marketing still performer online medium than mobile medium, because of lack of mobile standards in place. Once a clear Mobile standards are framed, then more marketers starts performing Mobile Medium.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

US Presidential Candidate Obama Online Spending Mar 2008

It is interesting to see US presidential candidate Obama's Online Advertising Spending Break-up

Estimated Online Ad Expenditures by Obama for America -- March 2008

Media Firm Amount Paid
All $905,000
Google $687,000
Broadband Enterprises $80,000
Yahoo $50,000
Microsoft $40,000
Facebook $17,000
Source: FEC data compiled by ClickZ News

  • 75% of the Online Advertising Spending goes to Google
  • 5.5% of the Online Advertising Spending goes to Yahoo
  • 4.4% of the Online Advertising Spending goes to MSN

Even for the politicians Google is the first choice for online advertising

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Google India - Localizing Gmail India

yesterday, Google India Launched Gmail in 8 New Indian Languages - Urdu, Marathi, Hindi, Bangla, Gujarati, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam apart from Hindi.

Only a few weeks back, Google incorporated Indian languages in Google Translator.

This is a great move by Google to target more Indian regional users by localizing the gmail. This is big blow for indian search engine like Guruji

Advantage Google
  • Target Local Users/audience effectively
  • Probability of generating more clicks from Gmail contextual Ads
  • Take advantage of huge network contextual sites

Thursday, May 29, 2008

ComScore acquired M Metrics

Yesterday Comscore acquired M Metrics for 44.3 M USD. This is a very good discussion from Comscore. This move surely helps to compete effectively with AC Nielson Market Research Company.

Comscore is one of the leading company in internet market research. M Metrics is the leading company in mobile market research.

Advantage Comscore
  • Now, comscore powered with mobile metrics data & statistics
  • Comscore surely takes advantage of emerging Mobile market (both in developed & developing nations)
  • Emerging as a one of leading Market Research Company in digital media


Comscore follow-suit the Google Strategy. Comscore acquired M Metrics, when the marketing are emerging (boom) for mobile.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Google Apps from Free to Paid - No more free lunch

Google's plan to convert its Free Google App's service into paid model is surprising. Developers who are using Google Apps. more than 500 MB are falls into Google's Apps Pricing Plan.

Tariff as follows

* $0.10 - $0.12 per CPU core-hour
* $0.15 - $0.18 per GB-month of storage
* $0.11 - $0.13 per GB outgoing bandwidth
* $0.09 - $0.11 per GB incoming bandwidth

After reading this news, few questions immediately hit my mind

Google is providing Gmail (6 GB free and going on and on....) and other products for free of cost ( Kind of free), then why they are converting Google Apps into paid segment? hmmm...

This is also other way of track the User activity and there domain.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Google & Yahoo Search Marketing Deal - Knee-Jerk to Microsoft

If Google & Yahoo Search Marketing deal is materialized (Yahoo allowing Google to place online ads in Yahoo).

Yahoo Strategy

Regular commission from Google - Google is a undisputed leader in search marketing and acquired huge market share. so, yahoo allows google to use its technology to service ads and earn commission.

Difficulty to compete with Google - It is very difficult for yahoo (even for any online giants like Microsoft) to compete with Google in search segment. So, inside of competing with Google, Yahoo may plan to generate revenue from Google.

Win-Win Situation for Google & Yahoo

For Google - Now, Google can serve there Ads in Yahoo search result.

For Yahoo - Yahoo has generated a new revenue model from Google that helps to revive Yahoo from present pathetic position

This move is really a big blow for Microsoft, that plans to acquire Yahoo.

RSS feed starts eating the Email subscription Market Share

For the past few years, Netizens are started showing keen interest to subscribe to RSS feeder than Email Subscription...

Email is not entertained for Informative Communication?

For many years, people uses mail service for both personalized Communications & for information updates. After RSS feeders, come into play, people uses RSS for domain informative updates

Difficulty in Email Subscription

  • Spamming
  • Time Consuming
  • Difficulty in managing the information

Advantage RSS Feed

  • Spam Free
  • Build your own user group & contacts
  • Easy to manage information

Surely, RSS is not a threat to Email. But the way use the mode for communication differs....

Google Gyan

That's why Google acquire Feedburner to take advantage of Feeds apart from Gmail....

Friday, May 23, 2008

Google Algorithm Secreat Revealed - Great Joke!

Today i read a headline stating "Google opens up a little on its search algorithms" in a much popular online portal. Google VP Mr. Udi Manber sharing information about Google Algorithm methodology. This article headline drive me crazy (more urgency) to read the article. Finally, the article reveals that Google is using "PageRank" concept to rank the billions of web pages. Oh..., this is a "OPEN SECRET"

Why Google is revealing these kind of Open Secret Now, because...
  • to tease the competitor
  • Creating an impression that they are transparent

If they revealed this Secret 6 years back, that is a real secret, Now It a Open secret.

Google Strategy

I think, Google had found better approach than "Pagerank". That's why they are revealing the pagerank concept officially.
Good PR....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mobile Internet - Google Mobile your Local Mobile Ad Service

2008 is the year of mobile internet. Google will surely find ways & means to promote there "Google Mobile" service all over the world. Developed and developing countries, the mobile usage is increasing exponentially. Countries like Singapore & Australia, mobile penetration is over 120%.

Advancement in "WAP Mobile" technology infrastructure, more & more mobile users are accessing internet using mobile.

Advantage gogle mobile

Their focus is web-based and location-based services that hope to take advantage of new phones with full web browsers, great user interfaces, and flat-rate data plans, which Google Calls as "Win-Win formula". They plan to launch this service in India - Bangalore, China - Beijing, Japan - Tokyo, Cananda & US.

Google Mobile Strategy

Google is trying to take advantage of emerging mobile markets like India, China & digitally mature markets like US, Canada & Europe. In coming months, Google may acquire emerging "Mobile Internet Ad service" companies in the respective regions to dominate Local market.

Google Gyan

Kill the emerging small fish and expand the Global & Local market share......

Good goole mobile....

Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo Search Business

For the past 2 months, Microsoft is very keen on acquired Yahoo. Due to previous attempt was failed, now Microsoft is trying to acquired Yahoo Search Business.

Microsoft Perspective

Let we explore the advantage for microsoft while acquiring Yahoo Search Business
  • They may increase the search market share from just 9% to around 30%
  • They increase the Search Ad network
The above deal may looks good from search marketing perspective,But Microsoft forgot one basic aspect
  • The organic Result - If the search relevancy and the search quality is not improved by MSN Live, there is very less scope for MSN Live to attract more Visitors.
From Yahoo Perspective
  • Yahoo's biggest bread winner is Search Segment. Secondly, Only few weeks back, Yahoo acquired Indextools to strenghten YSM. So, my personal feeling is Yahoo will not entertain this deal
Surely, both the parties are not going to benefit from this deal. This deal is not going to affect Google anyway. This deal is a good news for Google.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Health - Really Free Service from Google (not kind of free)

Today Google launched a new product called Google Health to maintain & keep track of personal medical report of an individual/user. This service is completely free (not kind of free) because Google did not launched this service from business/commerical perspective. At present, Google is not going to display ads in Google health.

Because of increased searches related to "Health", surely millions of people will subscribe to the service. This service will bridge the gap between the Doctor, Patient & pharmaCist. Secondly easily to track the patient report and view report from anywhere and anytime.

Google added one more emerging vertical - health service into there product & service list.

Future Search Result

In few years, if you type your name from your computer in Google, they will show your Horoscope (complete details) and personal health related details & prescription for your disease and doctors & medical shop in your area and so on.......................

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yahoo Indextools Analytics Vs Google Analytics Vs MS MS-Gatineau

Few weeks back, Yahoo acquired Indextools (Web Analytical Tool) for a undisclosed amount. This move will bring tuff competition among online giants (Google, Yahoo & MSN) in web analytics segment. Already Google Analytics (GA) acquires 59% of the Web Analytics Vendor market share followed by Omniture, WebsiteStory & Webtrends. Few months back, Microsoft launched there web analytics product called MS-Gatineau (by acquiring DeepMetrix), with a nominal fee of 5 USD, but there product is not as successful as Google Analytics.

It is interesting to see, whether yahoo will provide all the Indextools features to there Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) customers or only a few. If Yahoo come-up with extensive web analytical tool package & provide it for free (Kind of free like Google products) for all users, then un-named yahoo analytical tool will became a tuff competitor for Google Analytics (GA). Secondly, Yahoo may project there versatile web-analytical package as an USP and attract more Search Marketing Customers. (May even pull few customers from Google Adwords toYSM)

Google Big Brother will not keep quite. Surely Avinash (Analytics Evangelist for Google) will come-up with few more Google Analytics updates this year, to uphold the GA Market share. This trend will surely pass more benefits to customers.

It is very fascinating to see, how other online giants (Google & MSN Live) will react to this. Let's Wait & Watch...

Thanks Eric T. Peterson, for your comment in Web Analytics Demistified for the above article

Eric T. Peterson Comment:

"Ramki: Ironically, I don’t think Google/Avinash really care either way about IndexTools by Yahoo! other than to be happy for Dennis and his success (Avi and Dennis are good friends I think.) I really don’t see this acquisition as being any kind of threat to Google Analytics because A) GA has massive market penetration already and B) I suspect that “free IndexTools” instead of “free Google Analytics” would still have the effect that Google has publicly said they’re looking for — more money for Google via AdWords." - Eric T. Peterson

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Business Strategy is a Puzzle

Business Strategy is like a Puzzle, because all the solutions are hidden inside the data. It is a matter of fact that how we convert a data into actionable information and converting the information into strategy is the essence of business strategy.

Data -> Information -> Strategy

Monday, January 21, 2008

Online business intelligence - Innovative Strategy is must, to stay on top in online business

Today, i say a news article, that a big online business giant "Yahoo! mulling over layoffs of up to 20% of its workforce". The World No. 1 online business company, facing these types of crisis.It is really shocking!!!

Why is that so? Online company like Google, Facebook, Linkedin are breaking records & making online revolution, but some big brothers cannot. Why??? Let Analyze...

  • The companies that are successful come-up with innovative strategy and implement the same in quick intervals
  • They are not only diversified, but one concept support the other
  • They are futuristic, not copycatting the others concept or follow-suit
  • There solutions are not complicated; they are simple and straight forward


To be leader in online business, innovative thinking and timely implementation is the key to success.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Web Analytics Vendor Market Share 2007: Google Undisputed Leader

The Search Engine Giant Google is not only leading in search market share, but undisputed leader in web metrics vendor too. The web analyst vendor market share shows this clearly.

Google Gyan:

Kill the emerging & futuristic small fish, then brand it and SELL it for FREE...

You know, Google is a strong mathematical company.

Google Formula:

SALE= 4 characters
FREE= 4 characters

From Google perspective (company perspective) Free Means Sale
From Customer Perspective Free means kind of Free!!!...

Google, I admire you always. Great...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Landing page optimization Vs Search Engine Optimization

Landing page optimization is very essential part of web marketing. Landing page optimization that helps the business/website/portal to convert web traffic into prospective customers/leads..

In General terms, Search engine optimization (SEO) act as a marketing guy to a website that drives traffic to the website. Landing page optimization act as a sales guy to a website, that
converts visitor into customers.

If a business has good marketing guy, but don't have good sales guy, they will lose quality customer & money.

Ok, let me put this way... If a portal has good level of SEO, but don't have good landing page, that results in traffic dissolution,that leads to less prospective customers or no customers.
What is Landing page Optimization?
Landing page optimization is nothing but testing the landing page to deliver better results
Why we need landing page optimization?
  • Because, what we think is not always right. We may think that this design/template will yield better results, but it won't.
  • Every visitors to the website are not machine.
  • Every Visitor (Human beings) are unique

In landing page optimization, decision makers are visitors not the organization

Let we post the question to the visitor, then leave the rest to the visitor