Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Google - Innovative Mastermind

Google, the indisputable leader in online marketing space. Google won't give any chance to the competitor to surpass them. They compete with themselves like Australian cricket team. They just kill the competition. Bill gates now squeezing his brain, trying to find ways and means to stop Google online dominance. Microsoft had a plan to buy Yahoo to compete with Google. But buying online giants like Yahoo won't helps Microsoft to trash Google.

How Google differs from others? What makes them No. 1 Company in online market place?

Google is strong in three areas

  • Forecasting the future trends
  • Effective Strategies
  • Quick Implementation
Every time Google comes with new product like Google maps, Analytics, Desktop Search, etc. Big Brother Yahoo and MSN will follow-suit. Whatever Google does, Yahoo and MSN simply follow. That makes MSN & Yahoo more copycative not innovative.

Google FREE Mantra

Most of the Google Products are FREE but there is a mammoth business logic hidden inside. Google bought urchin and branded as Google Analytics. Then they integrated with Google Adwords (Search Marketing Service) to track visitor click thru, conversion etc. Yes, no business lunch is free. Google always club different free tool to support the revenue generating medium

Google is Futurist and Kills Future Competitor - Youtube
Google forecast future competition and kill the competition. Google knows Youtube may be the future threat. So, they bought Youtube for 1.6B USD, even they had Google Video which is not much popular as Youtube. Google kills the Conversion Optimization Tool Company by giving the tool for free and clubbing with Google Adwords.

Google Knows how to brand & position themselves
Bye Bye to Froogle - Google rename there shopping cart search engine Froogle to Google Product Search to increase the impact

Google won't change the Youtube brand name, but they incorporated search from Google video and at the same time, they are adding new features in Youtube. It is astonishing to see Google diversified growth.

Google holds Global Database
Google maintains World's database. Each day, thousands & thousands of netizen joining the Google products . Netizens are more and more dependable on Google products and services. Google can easily identify the Visitor interest by tracking and mapping the visitor behaviour from Google products and services

Till now, no IT giants (Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM) has the ability to compete with Google.

Yep, I tend to compare Google with Australian cricket Team. Both has similarities
  • Consistency
  • Discipline
  • Futuristic
Yes, last but not the least, for them winning is a habit.

Google has online spreadsheet & docs to match with Microsoft. One day (not so far), Google will come with dynamic operating system which is free of cost, but they will show there Adwords ads in the desktop. He he he……

Google is driven by innovate ideas, effective strategies and timely implementation. Go Google Gooooooooo!