Friday, August 29, 2008

Google Ad Planner - An Edge for Google Adwords

Few weeks back, google come-up with a tool called Google Ad Planner. I gone through the tool, it helps to target the audience based on demography. Based on Location, age, income, Category, one can find the target website and audience. I see this tool as an excellent ad-in told for adwords. Because, this tool helps to find the relevant publishing network/ad network based on the demography. Secondly one can export the relevant publishing network and import it into adwords. The format is compatabile with adwords. The tool is very much user-friendly. any one who understand the business can easily target the relevant website. Google is for ahead with Yahoo & MSN Search Marketing With variety to Google tool & features (to do research on publishers & to know the website information) Google is forahead compared to yahoo or MSN. Hope, Yahoo & MSN will come-up with this kind of tool in future. Yup, Google Ad Planner, giving some threat to!!!