Monday, September 29, 2008

Yahoo APT, Online Advertising Products in one Platform

Yahoo has grouped every online product into one new advertising platform showcase called "Yahoo APT". So, it is easy for advertisers, publisher networks & Agencies to easily manage there accounts. This interface will help to buy & sell online Yahoo Online Products & services easily & effectively.

It is nice to see, Yahoo is gradually re-structuring there online Media Platform to make them more customer friendly. This is a better move from Yahoo, hope MSN will fellow...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Mobile Platfrom from Google - Google Android phone to cost $199

Google Android Phone for $199 USD. I read this news in read in reuters. It is interesting to see, Google peering into the mobile operation system. Whatever GooG does, there will be a 100% no no 200% "Market Motive" behind that.

So, How Google is planning to take advantage of this?

Advantage Google

* Google serve there ads in the Mobile more effectively
* Strengthening the tracking mechanism to understand the user behavior
* Helps to come-up with more effective/stable Desktop Operation system in a year or so (guessing)

Advantage Consumer - Consumer will get internet enable mobile handset at affordable cheaper rate ($199)

Cons - Androids Compatability with other platform

Like to know your views ...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome - New Browser from Google

It is interesting to see, Google is ready to launch there web browser Google Chrome tomorrow. It is a really a interesting move. Because, I taught, that Google may acquire Mozilla Firefox browser (like feedbruner). But Google is built a new browser from the scratch.

This rise one big question. Instead of acquiring Firefox (they normally does), why they are building browser from the scratch.

The reason is this. They will convert the browser into ad-unit.

Three Big Google Strategy Points

* They will show adwords ad in Google Chrome Browser
* To promote the browser by ing some amount of there ad revenue for those who download and install the browser and viewing the google ad in the browser
* They may release there operating system (OS) in a year or so.
* To capture whole of internet/web segment

Yup! quite interesting.