Thursday, July 10, 2008

Google New site "Lively"

Google launched a new site called "Lively" which is a social media site with interactive touch (means 3D Animation). The website URL "lively" send some message to his competitor Live (MSN)

Why Google launched a Chat Social Media Website?

Google Gyan
  • It is because to make Gmail more interactive
  • In future, Google will integrate "Lively" with Gmail or Gtalk to give more interactivity & engagement
  • Social media works Good for Google. Hum... they have universal database to connect people

Social Media Everywhere. Is it a effective buzz channel?

Social Media website mushrooming everywhere. Because of few successful social media like Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter, Social media is catching-up like a wild fire. Lot of start-up companies are cropping daily with different themes & to target specific group.

Is there is any scope for effective buzz from Social Media..

Converting a Social Media for campaign/buzz, there is a small dividing line. There are two factors that is very essential for social media.
  • the relevancy - How far your buzz is relevant to social media
  • Messaging - Messaging should not be like a ad/ it should be information.
Finally, Social Media is not a push marketing, it is a pull marketing.

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