Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mobile Marketing: Mobile analytics is the key

Mobile usage is increasing exponentially in developing countries like India. Now-a-days, people cannot live without food, cloth, shelter and Mobile….. Mobile has become part and parcel of day to day living even in developing countries.

Country like India, the mobile penetration is much faster than internet penetration. In a decade, most people will prefer to use the mobile phone
  • to browse the internet
  • to transact
  • for blogging
  • watch videos and much more
Even though the mobile internet & e-commerce is in very nascent stage, surely it will catch like a wild fire in coming years.

mm... mobile analytics differs from web metrics. How...
Ya using mobile analytics we can track visitor details, page views, etc., but it don't ends there.

Data Mining and reporting for mobile analytics differs from web metrics as follows

  • What phones are they using?
  • What type of model the visitors are using?
  • What % of visitors support streaming video?
  • What is the conversion ratio between Nokia phone owners vs. Motorola?
  • What % of visitors mobile support MMS?
  • What % of visitor's phones still prefer WML?
  • Which of my banner campaigns is converting best?

Mobile Analytics Foresight
  • Lot of players will enter this field
  • Google Will explore this area (Mobile Analytics) in 2008. Because Google already have Google Analytics (GA), So, they will add Mobile Analytics as a additional feature in GA and woo more customer.

As Google did before, they will hire one Mobile Analytics Evangelist or kill
sorry, buy a mobile analytics company and observe that product in GA.

Oh God, i leaked the Google Secret Plan

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yahoo is better than Google!!!

As per comScore Core Search Report US - November , as usual Google dominates the search trends with 58.6% as compared to yahoo 22.4% & Live 9.8%. We seen consistent growth trends for Google for the past few years. At the same time, Yahoo & Live are struggling to post better market share.

Let see, why people prefer Google than other search engine?

Google's USP

The BIG USP of Google is search result quality. The relevancy of the search result is more in
Google, when a user queried an keywords as compare to any other search engine. Google is mathematical companies (with strong marketing capabilities) designed and update the search algorithm that delivers quality results.

Wait... even though Google is strong, Yahoo is strong in other area!!!

Yahoo's USP

The depth at which the yahoo slurp crawl the content is much more superior than Goog bot. Even though hard working yahoo spider (slurp) pumps the internet content into yahoo datacenter. Because of lack of effective yahoo search algorithm, yahoo fails to deliver better search results....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Web Metrics - Let's shift from complexity to clarity

There are 100's of web analytical tools available in the market. Few free tools are exist too.. like Google Analytics. Most of the businesses deployed web analytics tool. But we fail to check,

  • Whether we choosen the right web analytical tool
  • If choosen, Whether we deployed the web analytical tool properly
  • If installed, we customized the web analytical tool
  • Whether the reports are accurate
  • Whether we are able to convert numbers into actions

Let's move from numbers to novelty.

What we think, is not always right................

Google find new ways to promote Google Mobile!

Ya now its festival time. X-Mas. Lot of people travel to there relative places. How you know, does your flight is on time or not?.... Do you call the customer support No...... Now, that is not required.

Google Mobile search or Web search comes to your rescue.
Today, Google launched a new kind of search results in Google
search result page. Now, you can track your flight and know whether your flying on time or not, using Google.

Just type your airlines and flight no. in Google. For example "qantas 74 ". Ya, my flight is flying on-time.

Google GYAN
Google come-out with this wonderful strategy to promote Google Mobile. Now, people will tracking there flight schedule thru GPRS mobile phone or by Blackberry by connecting Google Mobile & Google Search

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Video Sitemap to strengthen the Google Video Search Results!

Today, Google introduced a sitemap for videos to crawl the video content.

Let see how it helps the customers and Google
  • Google spider starts crawling the video content. This gives better search engine visibility to the website
  • This process strengthen Google Video search results, by throwing more relevant results
  • This helps Google universal search results to serve better video search results
I hope, both yahoo & Live (MSN) will follow-suit

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Google Gadgets Ads - New revenue model for YouTube

Few months back, Google introduced Google Gadgets Ads. What is that? Gadget ads enable advertisers and agencies to engage audiences on the Internet's largest ad network with a rich and interactive new ad format.

Mm...Rich & interactive media ads... Why?

Google try to take advantage of YouTube, by using YouTube has video hosting space. Google slowly starts absorbing YouTube, into his revenue generating model.

Advantage Google because....

  • YouTube act as revenue generating support system
  • Easy to sell "Gadgets Ads" thru "YouTube" reputation
  • Easy to track visitor behaviour

As you know, Google bought YouTube for 1.6 B USD and integrated with Google Videos (GV, Which is not as popular as YouTube).

Google GYAN……

  • First, Kill the competitor
  • Provide the service to the customers for Free
  • Converting free into revenue model

Go Google Go.................

Google Analytics or Alligator

Yesterday, Google added new features in GA. This new features helps to compare metrics for two different periods like visitors, page views, bounce rate, new visitor. This option helps to watch the trend in user-friendly graphical representation.

Those who would like to migration from Urchin to GA, Google is assisting the users with relevant information.

Now Google Analytics (GA) is real threat to other web analytical tool company. Why?

Because, it is....

Easy to deploy

  • Simplified (not complex)
  • Report segmentation & goal setting is easy
  • Tool is upgraded in regular intervals
  • It's free!!!

It is very difficult for web analytical tool providers, to find the Unique Selling Propostion (USP) against GA and to convincing the vendor is a herculean task. Because the pace the Google is up-grading the GA with user-friendly features is mind blowing. Now, It is not easy for web analytics tool providers to target SME's…

Like Search Engine Market, Google starts to dominate the Web Analytics Market Share.