Sunday, December 16, 2007

Google Analytics or Alligator

Yesterday, Google added new features in GA. This new features helps to compare metrics for two different periods like visitors, page views, bounce rate, new visitor. This option helps to watch the trend in user-friendly graphical representation.

Those who would like to migration from Urchin to GA, Google is assisting the users with relevant information.

Now Google Analytics (GA) is real threat to other web analytical tool company. Why?

Because, it is....

Easy to deploy

  • Simplified (not complex)
  • Report segmentation & goal setting is easy
  • Tool is upgraded in regular intervals
  • It's free!!!

It is very difficult for web analytical tool providers, to find the Unique Selling Propostion (USP) against GA and to convincing the vendor is a herculean task. Because the pace the Google is up-grading the GA with user-friendly features is mind blowing. Now, It is not easy for web analytics tool providers to target SME's…

Like Search Engine Market, Google starts to dominate the Web Analytics Market Share.

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