Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yahoo is better than Google!!!

As per comScore Core Search Report US - November , as usual Google dominates the search trends with 58.6% as compared to yahoo 22.4% & Live 9.8%. We seen consistent growth trends for Google for the past few years. At the same time, Yahoo & Live are struggling to post better market share.

Let see, why people prefer Google than other search engine?

Google's USP

The BIG USP of Google is search result quality. The relevancy of the search result is more in
Google, when a user queried an keywords as compare to any other search engine. Google is mathematical companies (with strong marketing capabilities) designed and update the search algorithm that delivers quality results.

Wait... even though Google is strong, Yahoo is strong in other area!!!

Yahoo's USP

The depth at which the yahoo slurp crawl the content is much more superior than Goog bot. Even though hard working yahoo spider (slurp) pumps the internet content into yahoo datacenter. Because of lack of effective yahoo search algorithm, yahoo fails to deliver better search results....

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