Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mobile Marketing: Mobile analytics is the key

Mobile usage is increasing exponentially in developing countries like India. Now-a-days, people cannot live without food, cloth, shelter and Mobile….. Mobile has become part and parcel of day to day living even in developing countries.

Country like India, the mobile penetration is much faster than internet penetration. In a decade, most people will prefer to use the mobile phone
  • to browse the internet
  • to transact
  • for blogging
  • watch videos and much more
Even though the mobile internet & e-commerce is in very nascent stage, surely it will catch like a wild fire in coming years.

mm... mobile analytics differs from web metrics. How...
Ya using mobile analytics we can track visitor details, page views, etc., but it don't ends there.

Data Mining and reporting for mobile analytics differs from web metrics as follows

  • What phones are they using?
  • What type of model the visitors are using?
  • What % of visitors support streaming video?
  • What is the conversion ratio between Nokia phone owners vs. Motorola?
  • What % of visitors mobile support MMS?
  • What % of visitor's phones still prefer WML?
  • Which of my banner campaigns is converting best?

Mobile Analytics Foresight
  • Lot of players will enter this field
  • Google Will explore this area (Mobile Analytics) in 2008. Because Google already have Google Analytics (GA), So, they will add Mobile Analytics as a additional feature in GA and woo more customer.

As Google did before, they will hire one Mobile Analytics Evangelist or kill
sorry, buy a mobile analytics company and observe that product in GA.

Oh God, i leaked the Google Secret Plan

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