Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Google find new ways to promote Google Mobile!

Ya now its festival time. X-Mas. Lot of people travel to there relative places. How you know, does your flight is on time or not?.... Do you call the customer support No...... Now, that is not required.

Google Mobile search or Web search comes to your rescue.
Today, Google launched a new kind of search results in Google
search result page. Now, you can track your flight and know whether your flying on time or not, using Google.

Just type your airlines and flight no. in Google. For example "qantas 74 ". Ya, my flight is flying on-time.

Google GYAN
Google come-out with this wonderful strategy to promote Google Mobile. Now, people will tracking there flight schedule thru GPRS mobile phone or by Blackberry by connecting Google Mobile & Google Search

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