Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Send Google's Xmas & New Year greeting card for Free Via Snail Mail

Send Google's Xmas & new Year greeting card for Free Via Snail Mail Now you can Send Google's Xmas & new Year greeting card for Free Via Snail Mail (US Only).

Google is doing for Free!!!

  • This is a wonderful Google to promote Gmail in Offline.
  • Google Targeting the offline audience (ie: Senior Citizens) for brand promotion.
  • Google communicates to the audience, Gmail can be personalized based on the user needs.
  • Finally Gmail is Free

Good Going Google...........

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Google Analytics Intelligence - Report Segmentation - Custom Report

Google Fine-tuning the GA gradually and Powerfully. The way improve and fine-tune this product is very nice.

* At first they launched the product with Dashboard Interface with Basic Feature (Tracking Visitor Details, etc)
* Integrated PPC tracking with Google Analytics
* Report Segementation
* Custom Report
* Intelligence

Microsoft Web analytics (Project Gatineau) was gone with the wind. Even Yahoo analytics is not seeing major updates like Google Analytics.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Microsoft Mad Search

Microsoft Mad Search

MSN Search -> Live Search -> Bing

Hope you are all aware, Microsoft launched Bing (Re-branding there Live). It is very funny to see Microsoft is re-branding the search Product Year on Year basis.

Microsoft Don't Compete try to innovate

Microsoft is doing all the gimmicks to compete with Google in Search . But the way they moving, they can't dream about competing Google in Search Segment. Microsoft really mad to became No.1 in search engine.

Yaa Microsoft, don't compete with Google, you won't succeed. You will succeed only if you innovate. Just changing the Brand Name not going to add value to the product. Microsoft not able to succeed with MSN Search -> Live then how they are going to succeed with Bing (But is not Google)

Again Microsoft is going to burnt there hands in Search through Bing.

Google will Bang the Bing.......

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

This is a another amazing Strategy by Google to popularize Google Analytics (GA). What index tools, web trends, omniture are doing few years ago, now Google is doing. Let see the advantage for Users & Google

Advantage Users

* Increase Proficiency in Analytics
* Certification provided by reputed organization

Advantage Google

* propagating Google Analytics features

* Building Google Analytics Professional Group

Gyan: Google will have the visitor behavior details for most of the website. This helps Google to keep track of every brands in all segments and take advantage of the same............