Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Mobile Platfrom from Google - Google Android phone to cost $199

Google Android Phone for $199 USD. I read this news in read in reuters. It is interesting to see, Google peering into the mobile operation system. Whatever GooG does, there will be a 100% no no 200% "Market Motive" behind that.

So, How Google is planning to take advantage of this?

Advantage Google

* Google serve there ads in the Mobile more effectively
* Strengthening the tracking mechanism to understand the user behavior
* Helps to come-up with more effective/stable Desktop Operation system in a year or so (guessing)

Advantage Consumer - Consumer will get internet enable mobile handset at affordable cheaper rate ($199)

Cons - Androids Compatability with other platform

Like to know your views ...

1 comment:

Kenneth! said...

Shades of Orwell's "1984" ...

"Big Brother is watching you ... " = "Google" and not the various police states as we once thought.