Friday, May 23, 2008

Google Algorithm Secreat Revealed - Great Joke!

Today i read a headline stating "Google opens up a little on its search algorithms" in a much popular online portal. Google VP Mr. Udi Manber sharing information about Google Algorithm methodology. This article headline drive me crazy (more urgency) to read the article. Finally, the article reveals that Google is using "PageRank" concept to rank the billions of web pages. Oh..., this is a "OPEN SECRET"

Why Google is revealing these kind of Open Secret Now, because...
  • to tease the competitor
  • Creating an impression that they are transparent

If they revealed this Secret 6 years back, that is a real secret, Now It a Open secret.

Google Strategy

I think, Google had found better approach than "Pagerank". That's why they are revealing the pagerank concept officially.
Good PR....


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