Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo Search Business

For the past 2 months, Microsoft is very keen on acquired Yahoo. Due to previous attempt was failed, now Microsoft is trying to acquired Yahoo Search Business.

Microsoft Perspective

Let we explore the advantage for microsoft while acquiring Yahoo Search Business
  • They may increase the search market share from just 9% to around 30%
  • They increase the Search Ad network
The above deal may looks good from search marketing perspective,But Microsoft forgot one basic aspect
  • The organic Result - If the search relevancy and the search quality is not improved by MSN Live, there is very less scope for MSN Live to attract more Visitors.
From Yahoo Perspective
  • Yahoo's biggest bread winner is Search Segment. Secondly, Only few weeks back, Yahoo acquired Indextools to strenghten YSM. So, my personal feeling is Yahoo will not entertain this deal
Surely, both the parties are not going to benefit from this deal. This deal is not going to affect Google anyway. This deal is a good news for Google.

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