Friday, May 16, 2008

Yahoo Indextools Analytics Vs Google Analytics Vs MS MS-Gatineau

Few weeks back, Yahoo acquired Indextools (Web Analytical Tool) for a undisclosed amount. This move will bring tuff competition among online giants (Google, Yahoo & MSN) in web analytics segment. Already Google Analytics (GA) acquires 59% of the Web Analytics Vendor market share followed by Omniture, WebsiteStory & Webtrends. Few months back, Microsoft launched there web analytics product called MS-Gatineau (by acquiring DeepMetrix), with a nominal fee of 5 USD, but there product is not as successful as Google Analytics.

It is interesting to see, whether yahoo will provide all the Indextools features to there Yahoo Search Marketing (YSM) customers or only a few. If Yahoo come-up with extensive web analytical tool package & provide it for free (Kind of free like Google products) for all users, then un-named yahoo analytical tool will became a tuff competitor for Google Analytics (GA). Secondly, Yahoo may project there versatile web-analytical package as an USP and attract more Search Marketing Customers. (May even pull few customers from Google Adwords toYSM)

Google Big Brother will not keep quite. Surely Avinash (Analytics Evangelist for Google) will come-up with few more Google Analytics updates this year, to uphold the GA Market share. This trend will surely pass more benefits to customers.

It is very fascinating to see, how other online giants (Google & MSN Live) will react to this. Let's Wait & Watch...

Thanks Eric T. Peterson, for your comment in Web Analytics Demistified for the above article

Eric T. Peterson Comment:

"Ramki: Ironically, I don’t think Google/Avinash really care either way about IndexTools by Yahoo! other than to be happy for Dennis and his success (Avi and Dennis are good friends I think.) I really don’t see this acquisition as being any kind of threat to Google Analytics because A) GA has massive market penetration already and B) I suspect that “free IndexTools” instead of “free Google Analytics” would still have the effect that Google has publicly said they’re looking for — more money for Google via AdWords." - Eric T. Peterson

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