Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mobile Internet - Google Mobile your Local Mobile Ad Service

2008 is the year of mobile internet. Google will surely find ways & means to promote there "Google Mobile" service all over the world. Developed and developing countries, the mobile usage is increasing exponentially. Countries like Singapore & Australia, mobile penetration is over 120%.

Advancement in "WAP Mobile" technology infrastructure, more & more mobile users are accessing internet using mobile.

Advantage gogle mobile

Their focus is web-based and location-based services that hope to take advantage of new phones with full web browsers, great user interfaces, and flat-rate data plans, which Google Calls as "Win-Win formula". They plan to launch this service in India - Bangalore, China - Beijing, Japan - Tokyo, Cananda & US.

Google Mobile Strategy

Google is trying to take advantage of emerging mobile markets like India, China & digitally mature markets like US, Canada & Europe. In coming months, Google may acquire emerging "Mobile Internet Ad service" companies in the respective regions to dominate Local market.

Google Gyan

Kill the emerging small fish and expand the Global & Local market share......

Good goole mobile....


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