Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Health - Really Free Service from Google (not kind of free)

Today Google launched a new product called Google Health to maintain & keep track of personal medical report of an individual/user. This service is completely free (not kind of free) because Google did not launched this service from business/commerical perspective. At present, Google is not going to display ads in Google health.

Because of increased searches related to "Health", surely millions of people will subscribe to the service. This service will bridge the gap between the Doctor, Patient & pharmaCist. Secondly easily to track the patient report and view report from anywhere and anytime.

Google added one more emerging vertical - health service into there product & service list.

Future Search Result

In few years, if you type your name from your computer in Google, they will show your Horoscope (complete details) and personal health related details & prescription for your disease and doctors & medical shop in your area and so on.......................

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