Monday, January 21, 2008

Online business intelligence - Innovative Strategy is must, to stay on top in online business

Today, i say a news article, that a big online business giant "Yahoo! mulling over layoffs of up to 20% of its workforce". The World No. 1 online business company, facing these types of crisis.It is really shocking!!!

Why is that so? Online company like Google, Facebook, Linkedin are breaking records & making online revolution, but some big brothers cannot. Why??? Let Analyze...

  • The companies that are successful come-up with innovative strategy and implement the same in quick intervals
  • They are not only diversified, but one concept support the other
  • They are futuristic, not copycatting the others concept or follow-suit
  • There solutions are not complicated; they are simple and straight forward


To be leader in online business, innovative thinking and timely implementation is the key to success.

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