Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mobile Marketing - In need of standards?

Mobile users ar exponentially increasing year by year. Most marketings trying to leverage mobile marketing technique for campaigns.

Mobile Marketing Advantage
  • Localization & customization playing a vital role in mobile marketing
  • It is very easy to target the audience.
  • There is more chances of open rate as compare to other medium

Then, What is holding behind mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing drawbacks
  • The biggest drawback in mobile marketing is no standards are framed or followed.
  • There is more chances of mobile users was bombarded with Spam/Junk Ad mails.
  • Mobile handsets with different display shapes & size leads to message/MMS compatibility problem

Mobile Marketing - Still in nascent Stage

Even though the big giants like Google, Yahoo & MSN, started to leverage with mobile marketing but most of the marketing still performer online medium than mobile medium, because of lack of mobile standards in place. Once a clear Mobile standards are framed, then more marketers starts performing Mobile Medium.

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